Top 3 Reasons Why PHP Developers Should Upgrade To PHP 7?

Riya Sen

, Tech

The support for PHP 5.6 ended a long time ago. But, have the developers stopped using it? NO, they are using the same version and are comfortable enough to work with the same old versions. Technology is not like a relationship that needs commitment. It is actually the opposite. Developers should never get committed to the technologies. They must always be learning something new, trying different things, and stay updated with the latest technology, tools, and trends. 

Introduction To PHP 7

One such advancement is PHP 7. It’s not that it is not accepted entirely but, not at a ratio, it should have been. Let me back that up with some data. Almost 70.5% of the PHP developers are using version 5 and only 29% of the PHP developers are using version 7. Well, the statistics should be another way around. However, they have got their reasons for not making this technological shift. 

Let me show you three major reasons why PHP developers refrain from the upgrade to PHP 7 along with the reasons why they should.

  • Lack of Company Support

Not every developer is competent enough to learn the upgrades all by themselves. They need to learn from the experts, know about the changes from them and then start implementing them in their real-time projects. The company thinks it would be an added cost to the company having to enroll the employees for the training. 

Another fact holding the companies from shifting to PHP 7 is that they will need to convert the existing apps into PHP 7. This will be time-consuming and probably put a hold on the development of the new apps. This is why they refrain from staying updates, now let me tell you despite all these issues, why should mobile app development companies bring the change of PHP 7.

Firstly the cost of making the employees learn is not so high. If you choose the right PHP training institute, the charges would be really reasonable. Also, the employees are already well versed with the development tactics, there will be some minor changes they need to pick on. Also, the upgraded version will offer plenty of benefits which will easily cover for the cost and the time invested.  

  • Developers Legarthicness

Not all the developers are devoid of the time, efforts, and energy needed to make the shift. There are quite a reasonable amount of PHP developers who are well versed with the benefits and importance but just because they are getting what they want and they are not asked or forced to make the shift, they won’t. There are several PHP developers who don’t like to come out of their comfort zone and try something new even though it is better and ultimately they are the one making the most out of it. 

The second reason might be fear. They go to superiors with the idea and the company agrees. But, there is always fear what if they themselves won’t be able to comply with their own suggestion. Despite the fear and laziness, the developers must shift to PHP 7. Instead of taking the PHP training, you can be at the stage providing training about the newer version.

  • Lack Of Knowledge

Those who have just completed their live project training and freshly started working on the real-time project, it is difficult. It looks a considerate amount of time in learning and implementing things they know now. It would be really difficult for them to learn an entirely new version. Also, they won’t be updated with the trends like the expert and experienced developers. 

The reason why they should learn is that they have not become entirely comfortable with what they already know. Hence, ditching that for learning something better would make more sense.

Benefits of PHP 7 for Developers 

PHP 7 has gone through many months of beta testing and was at last released in the stable form, promises with real speed improvements and latest features in accordance-with to previous versions of this language. The PHP community embraces this new version of the scripting language because of the fast PHP performance.

We believe that PHP 7 can surely capable with modern competitors such as Facebook’s Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM). PHP 7 also offers speedy performance to the Drupal users with the extra benefit of not using a virtual machine to execute the PHP code. One more key advantage of PHP 7 is that when it runs on WordPress 4.1.1, it can execute twice as many requests per second as the same WordPress platform running PHP 5.6.

Conclusion : 

While upgrading to PHP 7 from PHP5, you must ensure that your code includes unit and integration tests. These tests should trace-out any issues with your applications before they pop up as bugs (error or issue) on a live screen.

PHP 7’s advantages mean that it is going to play a key role in the future of Web Development Services. Many well-known websites developing platforms such as WordPress allows its Users to hassle-free upgrade to the new PHP version to experience much better services.