Top 5 VAT Training Companies in Dubai

Krause Cutt

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VAT was implemented in 2018 in UAE to streamline the economy and increase revenue for the government. It is an indirect tax levied on goods and services across the country. Dubai is one of the fast-growing markets in the UAE with many manufacturing, trading, and sales industries present here. Dubai has a very elaborate business environment with many regulations in place to protect both the government and the businesses. Hence, VAT Training in Dubai for professionals working in all the major industries is very important. A detailed training program will help them get accustomed to the different regulations and policies that are prevalent so that the vat filing and returns process becomes easier. 

Many training institutes in Dubai cater to companies and individuals who are interested in undergoing VAT training. Some of the institutes also offer post-training support and advisory services so that the first few months are handled smoothly by the company staff.

5 Best Dubai VAT Training Companies

  1. Learners Point 

    Learners Point has been training individuals, corporates, and professionals on various technologies and business policies since 2001. The corporate companies prefer their services for training their employees, as they have an expert team on board who are thorough and professional. When the VAT system was initially introduced in 2018, Learners’ Point was one of the first organizations to introduce VAT Training in Dubai. They offer one of the most comprehensive courses in Dubai, covering all aspects, namely: the concept of VAT, impact on the economy, VAT on different goods and services, registration for VAT, VAT filing, VAT certificate, and VAT penalties. Their practical examples on how to create a VAT invoice, how to categorize various goods and services, and other accounting principles make them one of the most sought-after training companies in Dubai. You can check their website’s training calendar to enroll in a course now or contact them for more details. 

  2. Nadia Training Institute

    Originally a skill development institute established in 1983, Nadia Training Institute has been a leading training center in Dubai for various technologies. Post the implementation of VAT in 2018, they have gained popularity for VAT training in Dubai. The young professionals of today, prefer them for all their training-related requirements as they are one of the most popular and recognized institutes among all employers. They cover all important topics such as VAT concepts, UAE VAT rules, output and input VAT, VAT and excise, VAT Audits, Advanced VAT, VAT fines, penalties, and registration processes. The institute understands that VAT filing and registration are complicated hence they also provide extended support post-training for all filing, registration, and certification processes. They use interactive methods such as PowerPoint, case studies, and analysis of issues for better understanding. 

  3. Edoxi Training

    Edoxi Training is originally an Abu Dhabi based training company. Post a tremendous response in Abu Dhabi, Edoxi Training started training centers in Dubai as well. The company has 24+ years of experience, being a premier teaching institute, it is known for offering many career-oriented courses for aspirants as well as corporate company employees. They offer a comprehensive course right from the basics of VAT to the practical examples of registration, filing, certification, recordkeeping, calculation of VAT on different situations, VAT framework, and input/output VAT. The institute also partners with companies directly to train their existing employees on VAT processes so that they can take up the VAT filing and other processes by themselves. As they use a customized approach based on everyone’s needs, they are a preferred institute for VAT Training in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

  4. Averyx Group

    A finance based institute, Averyx group is known for their professional and expert team dealing with all financial matters such as accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and auditing. It is a dynamic firm based in Dubai using innovative and new methods to provide solutions to individuals and corporate companies for all financial requirements. Their VAT training is known to be highly innovative and advanced as it is conducted by experts in the field. The training programs take place regularly over five stages – right from concepts to practical scenarios to impact analysis and accounting methods. The company aims to provide detailed training, following which trainees can perform VAT related functions independently. They take the attendees through a VAT compliance roadmap which will help them in the future to carry out the end-to-end process such as registration, filing, accounting, and penalties if any. You can register for the course on their website. 

  5. Alliot UAE

    Alliot UAE is a financial consultancy and training firm founded by a team of experts and chartered accounts in 1968. The firm aims to provide reliable, cost-effective, and quality professional services to companies and individuals alike. Alliot UAE works with companies for VAT training in Dubai so that the employees are trained thoroughly in VAT-related topics. With Alliot’s VAT training employees will be aware of all the topics under VAT such as the history of VAT, economic impact, input/output VAT, taxation methods, accounting systems, calculation of VAT, registration, certification, filing, penalties, invoicing, and documentation requirements. Since VAT is highly complex and fairly new in the UAE, comprehensive training is essential for all accounting and financial professionals to enable them to adapt to the new system. One of the key service offerings of this institute is that they provide tailor-made coursework for firms based on their size, requirement, and employee level. Thus this helps the training to become more effective. 

Final Thoughts

Handling a new taxation system can seem daunting for companies and individual business owners. A good training program with professional expertise and support can go a long way in helping them get used to the regime. VAT training companies in Dubai and other parts of the UAE have been working hard to ensure that this new taxation process is adopted smoothly by one and all.