Top 7 Paper Products Manufacturers in Dubai

Krause Cutt

, Business

The paper manufacturing industry was not a major contributor to the economy in the 20th Century. However, in the last decade or so, the number of companies in Dubai involved in the manufacture of paper and paper products has steadily increased. The beginning of the decade saw twice the growth when compared to the previous years, and the numbers have only increased since then. Many international and local companies are now involved in paper and product manufacturing. Out of the entire Middle East and Africa region, UAE is now touted to be one of the major hubs for this industry. 

Dubai has always been a manufacturing hub of the UAE and the paper products industry is no stranger to this fact. Many of the leading paper and paper product manufacturers have chosen Dubai to be their base of both operations and sales.

Top Dubai Paper Products Manufacturers

  1. Medusa Paper Trading LLC

    The paper industry is an extremely fast-moving one. You need to maintain a steady stock and be organized to make a place in this industry. Medusa Paper Trading LLC has understood this and responded by becoming one of the most reliable paper dealers and distributors in the entire UAE. They maintain regular stocks in all different categories of paper and paper products in Dubai. The company deals with a wide range of products such as tracing paper, colored paper in different grammage and sizes, embossed paper covering, commercial paper, oil papers, fine paper for printing, and glossy paper. They collaborate with many paper manufacturers all over the country to ensure a huge variety and sufficient stock to meet the demands of their customers. 

  2. Kimoha Entrepreneurs FZCO

    Kimoha Entrepreneurs Limited is an ISO 9001:2015 and 140001:2015 certified company. They are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers for paper and paper products in Dubai. This company has always concentrated on technological advancement and customer service equally. They manufacture ribbons, different types of papers, labels, and other custom made products. They have a wide range of products in each category such as copier paper, cash rolls, thermal rolls, PPC/plotter paper, and queue tickets. Their brands Emigo and Xel-lent are quite popular across the UAE. The company has received many awards and recognitions for its service, products, and sustainability. 

  3. Al Masah Paper Industries LLC

    A company with over 20 years of experience, Al Masah Paper Industries has been considered a front runner for a long time. They undertake to manufacture all kinds of carton boxes, packaging papers, and boxes. They are one of the most consistent suppliers of packaging material to industries in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. They provide customized and standard products to the industries based on their requirement. Some of their popular products are pizza boxes, cartons with top lid, bin boxes, paper cores, paper sleeves, and corrugated rolls. 

  4. Modern Union Paper Products

    A fairly young company, Modern Union Paper Products commenced in 2004. Their use of state of the art technologies and crisp business practices have them quite popular for paper and paper products in Dubai. With their printing press and sophisticated envelope machines, they undertake both individual and group orders. You can find many standardized envelopes here for personal and professional use. They undertake customized orders and take pride in catering to specific requirements of various industries. The company deals with plain white envelopes, manila envelopes, office envelopes, Tyvek envelopes, and secure envelopes. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop where you will find stock of different types of envelopes.

  5. Nebraska Paper Trading

    Nebraska Paper Trading has been manufacturing paper and paper products in Dubai ever since the country expanded into the manufacturing of specialty paper and packaging materials in 1975. They are known for their special grades of paper and boards such as carbon-free paper, self-adhesive paper, thermal papers, rich mineral, tracing paper, wood-free writing paper, and business communication papers. The company is known for its commitment to customer service, environment, and new techniques for improving their product quality. As one of the oldest companies in this market, they are also popular for their stock capacities and regular supply to all their customers. 

  6. Al Sahib Packaging

    Al Sahib Filling and Packaging work in paper and paper products in Dubai catering to many different industries. There is a huge market for different packaging products in UAE and Al Sahib Filling and packaging is a market leader in this without a doubt. They make baking paper, cake board, foam plate, foam cake, and other such paper-based products. Paper packaging for the food industry is a highly competitive arena and Al Sahib has managed to capture this quite well. Their products are always high-quality and ensure that customer service is paramount in their functioning. 

  7. NGR Papers

    A company with 30 years of experience in the paper manufacturing industry, NGR paper has been quietly modernizing its product and service offerings. The company has one of a kind automated paper manufacturing unit that produces premium quality paper for digital printing. Their precise procedures ensure that every product is cut precisely without any compromise on quality. They manufacture premium office papers, professional use paper, plotter papers, and an eco-friendly range called Monarq. They are a quality first company with many varied service offerings. They work on providing private labeled papers, watermarked papers, and flexo printing services to their customers. All their raw materials are sourced from high quality and FSC, SFI, GSC certified sources.