Top 9 Business Service Providers in Dubai

Riya Sen

, Business

Dubai has a favorable economy for business. Dubai makes every effort to encourage investment opportunities, thereby strengthening its existing ties with the leading global cities. It has become quite easy for companies to set up their branch offices or even registered head offices in Dubai, thus attracting many businesses to set up here. Tax regulations, statutory compliances, ease of doing business, strategic location for trading, and a co-operative government body make it appealing for foreign and local companies to set up their businesses in Dubai. 

There is one more advantage of choosing Dubai as your operating location and that is the business service providers in Dubai. It has some of the best business service providers in all of UAE such as Aajel Business services, ABM Marks & Rights, Aurion Business Consultants, and ADAM Global to name a few. These business service providers hand-hold and guide the new companies entering the market in Dubai in all important aspects. They work with local markets and government bodies to ensure that these new businesses do not face any hurdles in commencing their operations in Dubai.

Let us take a look at some of the best Business Service Providers in Dubai in detail so that you can make an informed choice. 

  1. Aajel Business Services
    Aajel Business Services provides a wide range of professional services such as document clearance, local sponsor selection, attestation services, visa services, ID cards, and planning services. The company works as an end-to-end business planning and execution consultancy for a variety of industries in Dubai and different parts of the UAE. With an experienced team equipped in legal processes, business formations, and logistics support make them one of the leading business service providers in the UAE. Aajel Business Services also take care of business-oriented services such as Bank Guarantee assistance, salary transfer services, free zone, and non-free zone license registration, and branch license registration. 

  2. ABM Marks & Rights 
    One of the most trusted business service providers in Dubai, ABM Marks & Rights constitutes a team of legal and business experts striving to provide valuable services to new businesses in Dubai and different parts of the UAE. They provide custom solutions for each business owner as per the requirement and understand that it is important to have a multi-faceted team. Some of their services include franchisee management, trademark services, company formation, and patent to name a few. ABM Marks & Rights has worked with some big names in Dubai like Mandwa Biotech, H2O Invitations, and Sail tree rental services. 

  3. ACT Pro & Business Services
    ACT Pro & Business services aim to fill the void of a good mediatory with the government agencies for small and medium scale businesses. The company takes care of many business-oriented processes such as company formation services, local sponsor services, HR & admin support, and business consultancy support. The company works with transparency, accountability, and efficiency in all its projects and is known to be a popular business service provider in Dubai. You can find them on ATNInfo for all your business setup related queries. 

  4. ADAM Global
    Adam Global brings together companies to refer and do business globally, making sure that the independent professional has a presence globally through trusted and accredited members. With Adam Global, you are guaranteed professional service by a team of lawyers, accountants, and management professionals all working around the clock to ensure that they deliver alike to organizations – small, medium and large – and corporates.  They provide many services including Immigration documentation, HR, Legal services, financial services, and business consulting. They have a dedicated team who can deliver expertise and professional advice on all business set up matters at a very competitive cost.

  5. Al Taresh
    A 2008 Established company, Al Taresh is a recognized service provider for all governmental processes and has established three dedicated divisions for this purpose. Al Taresh BMS is recognized by the government to provide all immigration and Emiratisation services while Al Taresh Real Estate Trustee to work in Dubai Land property services. Al Taresh for Governmental services to provide all identity and healthcare proceedings as per the client’s need. You can contact them for company setup, Mainland company formation, offshore company formation, property valuation, DHA services, and offshore company formation needs. 

  6. ASPA Management Consultancy
    ASPA Management consultancy is a firm based in Dubai and can be contacted for all matters related to management consultancy, business setup processes, and accounting services. Known to be one of the best business service providers in Dubai, the company is a team of professionals adept at all of these fields. They work in the incorporation of all types of companies such as Offshore companies, mainland companies, and local firms as well. They also undertake tax advisory in VAT, Excise tax, and International taxes. Other service offerings from ASPA Management Consultancy include due diligence, BPO, Mergers & Acquisitions, business restructuring, trademark, and business consultancy. 

  7. Aurion Business Consultants
    One of the most professional business service providers in Dubai, Aurion Business consultants provide a wide range of services for their clientele. Some of the services they provide include business incorporation for all types of companies, financial management, account services, ISO and other certifications, visa services, chamber of commerce registration, trademark services, warehouse services, closure of business, and other business consulting services. Their success is evident from the fact that they have clients all over the world today.

  8. Biz Law Legal Services
    One of the top business service providers in Dubai for all things legal, Biz Law legal services has carved a niche for itself in the business consultancy sphere. You can contact them for all legal services such as Intellectual property law, commercial law, litigation, and legal drafting works. With a team of experts in local and international law, Biz Law Legal services are the go-to for any kind of legal requirement. 

  9. Business Link 
    Business Link works with small businesses to make their business successful during the formation period. They provide services ranging from IT solutions, office solutions, and Pro services. A service provider in Dubai who aims to provide end to end business solutions for companies with utmost confidentiality within the timeframe, Business Link is the first choice for many all around UAE.