Want Funds For A Medical Emergency? Choose This Option

Riya Sen

, Health & Fitness

Health, above all else, is the greatest wealth that you can possess and so, you take every possible measure to avoid ailments. However, medical emergencies come unwarranted and cause both mental and financial strain. Delaying treatment or not getting a surgery done from a speciality hospital is not a viable option, but a lack of funds can be a cause for concern. 

While you may have availed health insurance, it may not cover a specific illness or may be insufficient to fund all the expenses. In the absence of insurance and an emergency fund, it becomes extremely difficult to meet medical costs. To tackle this, avail a property loan for a medical emergency. Here’s why this is an ideal solution. 

Simple Loan Application Process And Quick Disbursal

The process to get funds against your property has become simpler today. When you choose a top lender, it will be easy to meet the simple eligibility criteria that comes with this loan and submit minimal paperwork to acquire funding. 

For example, to increase your chances of approval, apply with lenders like Bajaj Finserv who have simple Loan Against Property eligibility. Here, the loan against property documents required are also few and simple. This results in fast approval and you can enjoy one of the fastest disbursals in India with money in your bank account in just 4 days. Thus, you can seek medical treatment without any delay. 

Fund Any And All Medical Expenses Without Restriction

A loan against property has no specific end-use limitations. Whether you want to pay for cosmetic surgery, IVF and stem cell preservation, or oncology treatments, you can do so without any constraints. Further, there are no restrictions on the hospital or institution where you avail the treatment. Finally, since a loan against property offers a hefty sanction, you need not compromise on the quality of the treatment.

Avail A Top-up Loan To Fund Additional Expenses

Finally, some lenders like Bajaj Finserv also offer a top-up loan to their existing borrowers. Say you had previously availed a mortgage loan worth Rs.3 lakh for 10 years from Bajaj Finserv to pay for your heart surgery. Say that you exhaust the loan amount and suffer a relapse after 6 months. In such cases, instead of availing a new loan, you can approach your lender for a top-up loan and use it to meet your medical costs without any worry. Since top-up loans have competitive interest rates, you can get treated more affordably.

Now that you know how a mortgage loan can fund medical emergencies, start looking for ones offered by reputed lenders. Bajaj Finserv, for instance, offers a high-value Loan Against Property of up to Rs.3.5 crore. The mortgage loan process is quite simple. With such a hefty sanction, you can meet expenses that you incur before, during, and after hospitalisation with ease. 

Moreover, the Flexi Hybrid Facility lets you borrow from the sanction multiple times, as per your need, and pay interest only on the withdrawn amount. This way, you can meet recurring medical expenses at different points in time throughout the tenor without availing multiple loans.