Why is Customer Experience the New B2B Marketing

Krause Leia

, Marketing

Business-to-business customers are human too.

There were times if a B2B customer was unhappy or dissatisfied with a particular brand, it would take ages to report concerns or bring about a change. Either the customer has to move on, face the harsh reality, or change providers.

Years later, there is a drastic change in the way business-to-business companies deal with customers. New dimensions have evolved to tackle customers at every touchpoint. With technological advancement & dedicated resources, customer feedback is dealt strictly with more modern ways to solve problems. Booming social media trends have made it easy for a customer to report grievances in a click of a button. A disgruntled customer can give you bad ratings on any social media platform, leave a bad comment, or even upload a video or an image. Similarly, happy customers will leave the best feedback to elevate the brand.

Like they say, “It’s two to tango.” It’s a complete business call. Either they make customers happy, make changes to customer experience, or let customers move to another brand.

The complete analogy of business-to-business marketing has changed. It’s not limited to ATL activities – television, print media, radio or BTL activities – trade shows, brand promotion activities, catalogs, etc. The game-changer is the positive experience that brands will create to please their customers and retain them.

Most of the B2B customers these days are carried away by recommendations or word of mouth publicity. And online reviews influence the buyer’s buying behavior. It means that exceptional customer service and positive experience will increase customer base & bring in more revenue. 

B2B customers find online reviews and recommendations more trustworthy than any endorsement. Hence, business-to-business companies should focus more on trends that are more likely to be adopted by customers, and they find it easy to recommend it to their peers, family, and friends.

Let’s see what makes customers experience so crucial for B2B marketing

  • Improve Customer Retention

    A retained customer is an asset to the organization. In many ways, they save the company’s operational cost. Imagine, the sales & marketing cost to acquire new customers is much higher than retaining existing ones. Every customer retained is every profit earned. 

    A good customer experience retains customers, creates a positive experience, and doubles revenue. Companies save a lot of money by just implementing proper customer retention processes in all B2B business strategies. 

    It’s not your advertisements or branding that bring back customers, but excellent customer service that makes the customer stay and remain committed to your brand.

  • Increase In Profit

    Excellent customer service makes customers feel valued and respected. They can handle even the worst customer issue in the most sophisticated way without affecting customers at all. Only this attitude towards your customers will help build better customer relationships for the years to come. 

    Practical B2B brand building exercises not only retain customer loyalty but let them know that you are there for them. Moreover, investing in any customer service initiatives is an excellent move in improving brand building & and increasing profits.

    Millennials and Gen-Z will most like to spend more just for excellent customer service. It’s interesting to watch how a small positive conversation with your customers can help you grow your business.

  • Customer Feedback

    Positive customers are blessings to the brand. They endorse you, grow your business, and make you look trustworthy in front of new customers. The best way to collect customer feedback is after you sold them something or when they start using your service. Quick and timely feedback helps them share valuable feedback for further improvement. 

    Customer feedback helps to measure the drivers of customer satisfaction and identify areas that need immediate attention. Any form of feedback is essential to the marketing team as it ascertains which marketing activity to focus on.

    Using a robust & intuitive experience platform, you can conduct effective surveys, collect responses, analyze data, and make critical decisions. If you’re unable to decide what kind of questions to ask, you can refer ready-to-use custom templates to make your work easy.

Tactics to Create a Better B2B Customer Experience

  • Create Meaningful Experiences

    It’s not about focusing or categorizing your marketing efforts as B2B or B2C; it’s about creating a common ground and making it B2P (business-to-people). Start serving customers from the sales process and not wait until they buy from you. Small events that trigger customer experience intrigue the customer to stay with the brand for a more extended period. Moreover, it connects customers emotionally, and they walk out with a story that everyone wants to listen to.

  • Specific landing-pages

    Every landing page has a story to tell. For your marketing activities, you can have landing pages designed for your target audience. You can develop it by verticals or market segments depending on your marketing campaign, industry-wise.

    You can further it down into a specific niche, or even create landing pages as per clients requirements. Specific landing pages help a buyer to convert into a customer. It’s just a follow-up of what a customer will receive eventually.

  • Add a Human Touch

    In the case of business-to-business, one thing that’s missing is the human touch. It can be because there is no sync between the customer and the customer service rep. All clients, irrespective of company size, need to have someone inside who can help them create a beautiful and meaningful picture of your brand. 

    Moreover, adding a little human element completes the circle of people-buying-from-people and opens multiple avenues for the customer to come back for more.

  • Resolve issues instantly

    Keep a watchful eye on issues that need immediate attention. Don’t wait for the last-minute savior. B2B companies that consistently top the chart for being successful are those who identify customer’s pain areas before they arise and build solutions to tackle them. Proactively listening to customers not only helps in making the clientele happy but also goes a long way in building a strong brand reputation.

  • Listen and be heard 

    The best way to keep your customers happy is to listen to them and allow them to express themselves fully. B2B companies who look to customer’s pain points can provide better customer experience and make changes in their offerings as per customer feedback—their habits, preferences, and pain point changes with time and a ton of other factors. Remember, people listen to people, and it’s essential to build better relationships.

  • Increase engagement

    Profile customers based on the data from website clicks, emails, demo-request, sign-ups, and use them to create separate behavioral lists and then send them relevant content according to their actions. For example, if a customer downloads an e-book on employee experience, it’s easy to send them more content related to employee experience in the future rather than including them in all your nurturing campaigns. Personalized content doesn’t bother the customer, and they remain connected for long.

  • Use handwritten notes

    It’s old school, but nobody in the B2B business is doing it. Why not start by sending a handwritten note to customers after their first purchase, or on their birthday or for completing a year with you. You can send it through email, sync data with your CRM, and schedule it as needed. It’s just a unique way to thank customers for being there.


B2B customers may not always be inclined to make a buying decision based on product or services, but the customer experience that a brand creates, that makes customers come back for more. Customer experience is the new unique selling proposition in 2020 that differentiates one brand with another and creates a long-lasting impression in the customer’s mind. Customer feedback, customer engagement, loyalty programs, all go a long way in creating a positive customer experience that will yield new customers, retain the existing customers, and drive profit like never before.