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For any business, whether its goods or services, the right kind of marketing is very important. To that end having a website is a must. And it’s no different for law firms. However, according to the 2018 survey report by ABA Legal Technology, only 77 percent of the surveyed people said they had a law firm website, a decrease of 7 percent from the previous year when 84 percent of those surveyed had their own websites. Among those surveyed, small law firms and individual practitioners were the least likely to have their law firm website. Yet, for them, the importance of having a law firm website is far more important than ever before. A Marketing Agency for Lawyers can help you build your law firm’s website. Discussed below are few reasons why a website for your law firm should be an integral part of your law practice.

It becomes easier for you to connect with your potential clients.

Traditionally, lawyers or law firms got their clients through word of mouth publicity or by advertising in magazines and billboards. But it’s no longer the case today. In today’s IT driven world, most prospective clients begin their search for an attorney through the internet. If you have your law firm’s website, then it becomes easier for those potential clients to find you. Billboards and magazine advertisements are static in nature, which means once you put an ad there, you sit back and hope it draws clients for you. Your law firm’s website, on the other hand, is more dynamic. You can keep on adding and deleting information according to the times. This new information about your services can draw more potential clients if they find relevance in it. These days, internet marketing or online marketing has become the most favoured form of advertising.

If your website provides all the relevant information that a potential client might be seeking, then they are more likely to engage with you. Website marketing is much more effective at reaching and engaging with these potential clients, if it’s done the right way. Your law firm’s website should be an extension of your physical office. All the information that a clients expects to get by visiting you personally, should be available on your website as well. When a potential client visits your website, they must get answers to all their questions. If you are able to translate your physical office’s experience into a well built content rich website, it’s very likely that more new clients will connect with you. A law firm marketing consultant can help you design a good website with the right content, where all the relevant information is available. It has the potential to substantially increase your client base and help you thrive in your law practice.

Your Law Firm’s website is a cost effective form of driving new business

In the past it was very difficult for smaller law firms to compete with the bigger ones as they didn’t have the financial muscle to match the bigger law firms when it came to marketing and advertisement. However, with the growth of internet, things have changed dramatically. It has given potential clients significant advantage in how they choose and connect with a lawyer.  Attorneys or law firms, who are able to market themselves effectively through websites, can take huge advantage of it. Thanks to search engines like Google, potential clients of law firms have access to a lot of information on their legal matters, which was hitherto very difficult get. Legal services consumers can now search the web for answers to all the questions they may have about their cases.

Attorneys who are able to engage these potential clients have distinct advantage. Money is no longer an issue. Small firms with much smaller budget as compared to that of a large firm can do online marketing just as well by creating content which is significantly less expensive than traditional form of advertising. By regularly updating information to keep it relevant with changing times, new clients will be driven to your firm. Good content works for you irrespective of what stage of business you are in. Small firms with low budget can create the content themselves. Those with bigger budget can engage a law firm marketing agency to do the work for them. With user oriented content, it is easier to attract the attention of prospective clients without having to overspend.

Besides being a marketing tool your law firm website can assist you in everyday tasks

When done the right way, your law firm website, besides being a marketing tool, can assist you in everyday tasks as well by using the right website tools and software. A marketing agency for lawyers can help you create client intake forms like a simple ‘Contact Us’ forms or a more complex client questionnaires which can be sent to the concerned persons in the firm. If your website provides information about your staff, your work culture, the turn-around time, and what your clients can expect from you in general, you are more likely to have better aligned clients. More and more clients turn to the internet to get information on their cases. If your website is oriented to your clients’ needs by providing information they look for in an easy to understand language, you are very likely to be found and engaged by a client. You can build trust with and gain respect from your potential clients.