Why Skinny Jeans Will Never Go Out of Style

Krause Cutt

, Fashion

Skinny jeans or slim pants are also known as skinnies, skinny pants, and stovepipes. They are leg-hugging pants that became a massive hit way back in 2007. They were so popular back then that all other styles of jeans were considered outdated or were ignored. 

The reason behind the massive love for these skinny pants is the fact that they are slimming and versatile. Thirteen years later, skinny jeans remained to be a popular jeans style among various consumer demographics. 

The even better news is despite the reemergence of other vintage jeans styles, women’s skinny jeans continue to steal the spotlight. With the skinny jeans dominating the women’s jeans industry, it will never be wrong to handsomely invest in more than one pair of these slim pants. 

If you are still not convinced that this style is here to stay, check the reasons discussed below. 

They are Versatile 
Tight jeans were first introduced way back in the 17th and 18th centuries. During this time, however, only the male royal family members were allowed to wear these pants. Fast forward to 1915; women started to ditch their skirts and replace them with pants to enjoy some outdoor activities comfortably. Today, both men and women can wear skinny jeans. If you decide to buy one, you can wear it with virtually any type of clothing. 

For a rocker chick look, you can pair your skinny denim jeans with a tucked-in statement tee, leather jacket, and a pair of Dr Martens high-cut leather boots. If you want a more feminine look, you can pair your skinny jeans with an off-the-shoulder blouse, stilettos, and a pink tote bag. The point here is no matter what kind of look you want to achieve, a pair of skinny pants will make rocking the said look easy breezy. 

Slim pants are simply ‘badass’
In the ‘50s, the skinny jeans became a widely appropriate look for both men and women, and this is all because of the ‘Beatnik’ social movement that shamelessly lobbied for genderless fashion. Iconic Hollywood personalities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were even seen wearing dark wash slim pants and slim fit capri pants. 

In the ‘60s, the rock ‘n roll era also contributed to the skinny jeans’ popularity. The same thing is true with the ‘70s punk rock era and the ‘80s glam metal era — all helped skinny jeans rise to fame. 

Fast forward to the present year; skinny jeans can help you achieve any badass look you want. Match your edgy denim slim pants with a leopard print black jacket or blazer and a pair of pointed ankle boots, and you are ready to rock. You can also grab your navy blue or green pullover and slightly tuck it under your distressed pants for that effortless badass look. 

Upgraded Skinnies 
As you already know, women’s skinny jeans have been fashionable for decades. Today’s skinnies are not just plain skinny — they also focus on being perfectly cosy and fit. Brands are slowly shifting to relaxed silhouettes, with the fit of new slim jeans becoming more forgiving than before. This only means that you can still achieve that much-coveted slim look without letting your legs suffer. 

With all that has been said, you can confidently say that skinny jeans are here to stay. If new brands are already working to make these jeans more comfortable to wear, who knows what the future designers can innovate. For now, you can find comfort in the fact that the countless pairs of slim jeans that you bought will never go to waste.