Your Complete Guide to Safer Driving

Emilly Leia

, Sports

To make sure you always drive your car carefully and responsibly, it’s important to keep some factors in mind and watch out for certain risks and situations. After all, if you have an accident, not only can you seriously injure yourself, but your car can also get completely wrecked and you’d find yourself asking, “how should I sell my car in Dubai, UAE now?”., an online marketplace to sell any car in Dubai and UAE, has prepared this guide to help you make your driving safer.

Be Vigilant
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 36 percent of accidents involve a car that was turning or crossing an intersection. A lot of modern cars feature thick roof pillars to house curtain bags and this often makes it harder to see motorcycles, small vehicles, and pedestrians that are about to come in front of you. Thus, before turning, take a moment to ensure the path where you want to go is clear.

If you have to turn left or right, use the side windows, and if you have to take a U-turn, look through the passenger window at the back. Even if you are going straight, checking out the side glass before crossing an intersection is a good idea to determine if there is anyone skipping the stop-sign or ignoring the red light.

Reckless Drivers
It’s not just enough to drive carefully, you must also keep an eye on your surroundings and if you see someone engaged in wacky behavior such as texting and driving or running a red light, try to steer clear of them.

Sudden Stops
Sometimes, you might be required to stop your vehicle suddenly. If such a situation arises, the antilock braking systems (ABS) can come in handy. To use it properly, tread heavily on the brake pedal and keep at it until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Do not worry about any noises as they are just an indication that ABS is hard at work.

ABS also lets you use the steering wheel during hard braking. This could prove to be useful when you want to avoid an accident. However, make sure you get enough practice so you do it properly.

Veering Off The Road
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about one-fourth of fatal accidents involve a single vehicle. Out of those, nearly 70 percent occur when two wheels run off the pavement and then the driver overcorrects in panic. This causes the car to spin off the road and flip or crash into oncoming vehicles.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, release the accelerator while keeping the steering wheel straight, which will enable the ride to slow on its own, and steer back smoothly on the road. Usually, it’s best not to touch the brake pedal, but you can use ABS if you suspect all four wheels will go off the roadway or you might hit something hard. Make sure you center the wheel before releasing the brake.

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